Sugar cane harvesting

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Quite pleasant.  Sunny.  High 80

I had to get up early this morning for a blood draw appointment at the doctor’s office.  Medicine here is so different from what I am used to at Mayo Clinic.  They do a good job with screening and encourage mostly telemedicine appointments.  I was probably the only patient there who speaks English.  All the staff are completely bilingual.  The lobby gives you a feeling that you are in Mexico.  Not today (as the front door is locked due to Covid), but usually, street vendors wander  in off the street selling sweet things from a box that they strap around their necks, and people distribute religious pamphlets (even though there is a sign saying no soliciting). 

Another fun event today was doing laundry!  That tells something about the day. 

I made cranberry sauce with Grand Marnier for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Here is the recipe….The author is quite funny….read her description of the wooden spoon.

The fields around our community are planted with corn, hay, and sugar cane.  It is now the season for harvesting sugar cane.  First they burn off the excess foliage.  We get a lot of smoke in the air on days they are doing this.  After the burning, then they go in with machines to chop it down.  Sugar cane doesn’t require replanting every year; it comes up on its own for about 3 years, before requiring new plantings.

Pre-Covid, we attended an educational lecture at our clubhouse about sugar cane harvesting.  One of the interesting/sad things is that undocumented people often hide in the sugar cane fields.    So, the harvesters surround the fields several days before burning and over a loud speaker system, shout out that they will be burning the fields soon – in both Spanish and English.  They purposely drive trucks that are not white, as the undocumented know that Border Patrol vehicles are white.  The harvesters plead for the undocumented to come out and assure them that they are not Border Patrol.  However, some don’t comply and from time to time, we hear that some were burned/killed.  These are some photos a neighbor took this week….

DINNER:  Flatbread pizzas.  I need to use a lot of leftovers tonight in order to make room for all the Thanksgiving leftovers that I am expecting tomorrow.  With that in mind, I spread some naan slices with cream cheese and sprinkled with Italian herbs.  Then, I added a mix of sauteed green peppers, scallions, mushrooms, leftover sausage, and leftover pepperoni.  I topped it with Parmesan and mozzarella, and baked until everything was melted and hot. 

In the evening, we prepped the turkey for its smoking tomorrow.  George has a recipe that calls for an herb rub.  We put all the herbs together, and rubbed her down.  The smoking tomorrow will probably take all day.  I thawed some of the fish George caught last week, and will smoke that as well, since we will have the smoker going.  We also plan to smoke some bacon/cheese-filled jalapenos.  It will be fun tomorrow doing all of that!  More to come! 

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