The joys of camping……flat tire!

LOCATION:  Back in our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Cool AM, then warming to 84

I am downgrading the rating of the Bay View RV Park where we stayed in Rockport from 2 to 1.  (It started out as a 3.)  While we were there, we ran over something and punctured one of the Airstream’s tires a little.  We had to put some air in it  yesterday as there was a tiny leak.  Then, this morning, it was even flatter, so George had to remove it and replace it with the spare tire.  A big job!  Better to do it here at the Harvest Host winery, though, rather than out on a highway!

We had about a 5-hour drive back home.  Most of the drive was pretty bleak.  We had spotted a new  BBQ restaurant on the highway when we first left Mission, and were looking forward to  stopping there for lunch today.  Sadly, it is closed on Mondays.  We talked with the Filipino owner who was there smoking brisket for tomorrow.  We plan to stop there  some time on another trip.   

This is the route we took on our 5-day camping trip.  It was a nice get-away.

Our lovely daughter surprised us with a gift package that arrived at our door this afternoon….a DVD set of my “lover man #3” – Rick Steves.  I can’t wait to start watching the DVDs and reading the books….salivating over possible 2021 European travel. 

DINNER:  Since we didn’t get together with our friends Irene and Rob for the last night’s camping trip dinner, we went over to their house to eat it tonight.  Rob grilled some porkchops that he had marinated in harissa and garlic paste  – yum.  Irene made ratatouille and boiled potatoes.  Great dinner and a great way to wrap up our little holiday together.

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