Camping at the lake…

LOCATION:  Corpus Christi State Park, in east central Texas
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Corpus Christi State Park – Javalina Loop
WEATHER:  Grand!  Cool evenings and mornings; pleasant afternoon with high of 78

The night was deliciously cool, and we slept with all our windows open. It was nice and quiet, and the sky was full of stars. Lovely!

I took a solo morning walk around the Javalina Loop where we are camped.  The campground is about 1/2 full but it will fill up this weekend.  I spotted a bunny rabbit and several deer on my stroll.

Later in the morning we and our friends took a longer walk to give Trix, their dog, some exercise.  She loves fetching a ball in the lake.  The lake is quite large and not developed. 

George and I walked to a bait shop to buy bait and tackle, as he had forgotten his tackle box at home.  The shop was closed except for curbside service.  We followed the instructions, calling the owner from outside the shop.  George told her what he was looking for, and she came out with samples of things – like hooks, bobbers, etc.  She was VERY helpful.  After he made his selections,  she thanked and thanked us for stopping at her shop.  On our way back, the mailman stopped near us while delivering the mail in his car.  He wanted to chat, too.  I think these people around here are starved for conversation! 

Back at the campsite, I worked on my Spanish lessons and used our friends and George as guinea pigs.  I think my lesson plans have been way too ambitious.  I need to modify them to be short and sweet. 

While I was slaving away on the computer, George took a nap.  This is the life!

DINNER:  Our friends and we are taking turns cooking.  Tonight was my night.  We started with some hummus I had made and crackers   (and wine).   We sat out at the picnic table and enjoyed the evening.

It soon got dark and a bit chilly.  We changed to long pants and jackets, and George built a fire.  We grilled chicken on the fire.  I put part of the chicken directly on the fire – just with a salt and pepper rub.  The other part of the chicken was placed in our iron skillet with some BBQ sauce, butter, and worcestershire sauce.  When I served it, I gave each person some of each kind of chicken.  That turned out well – so not too much BBQ.  Sides were potato salad I had made back at the house, and a lettuce and tomato salad.  All good.  I opened one of our wines from our wine club. This was a Sonoma County red blend.  We are rating all of them.  We gave this a 4 out of 5.

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