Sushi time!

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  A bit cooler.  High 85

STEPS:  11,458
CLASSES:  1 chair yoga, 2 water aerobics

It was nice and cool when I walked this morning.  It was a bit foggy again.  Foggy weather must translate to good conditions for crossing the border.  As I was walking on the highway around the hayfields, I listened to a Border Patrol helicopter hover right above me.  On the ground were about 20 Border Patrol trucks and cars.  I think they spot the undocumented people from the helicopter, then radio down to the agents on the ground, who then go search for them….by truck, bicycle, horse, or by foot in the bushes.  There were about 20 BP vehicles on the road I was walking on.  I saw 5 agents surrounding an undocumented person.  There must have been more in the bushes that they were searching for. 

Here are some more photos of the curio shop where we went on Sunday in search of Mexican glassware.  We were tempted to buy the flamingo as flamingos are the emblem of Airstreamers.  But…..we let the temptation pass…..

I spent the afternoon busily making lesson plans for my upcoming Spanish classes.  I now have 4 couples plus George who will be my pupils!

George cleaned the truck and prepped the Airstream for its washing tomorrow. 

The highlight of the day was an outing to a Japanese restaurant that has been highly rated.  We haven’t had sushi in about a year, this was a real treat.  We went with another couple from our village.  The woman had this sushi platter…

George and I shared a grilled octopus for an appetizer…

Then, we shared a sushi/sashimi platter as our entree. 

Oishikata!  …as they say in Japanese.  It was almost authentic, even though all the waiters and sushi chefs were Latinos. 

BTW – You will have to wait until tomorrow for the big reveal….of the identity of the #4 man in my love life! 

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