LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Overcast, but nice.  High 85

Steps:  11,263
Classes:  1 chair yoga, 2 water aerobics

Today’s morning walk brought more interesting observations.  George and I started off together, on the road surrounding our development.  He then took the short-cut back home, and I took the longer 4-mile route.  Later we shared experiences – he heard rustling in the bushes on the short-cut road.  There is a deep ditch with a lot of brambles, where the undocumented like to hide.  Then, a few minutes later, when I approached that same road, I saw 2 Border Patrol trucks and two young men, all dressed in black, sitting on the grass being apprehended.  Later, a bicyclist approaching me from the other way warned me that there was a big rattlesnake along the road, so I kept a watchful eye.  Such excitement!

George invited one of our friends over to play chess.  I have a chess set that I bought many many years ago when I taught in Taiwan.  It has interesting etchings. 

(George lost BTW)

While they were playing chess, I drove to the Barnes and Noble bookstore.  A few people in our community have approached me about teaching some conversational Spanish.  I went to the bookstore in search of a book to use for teaching.  Nothing was quite right.  Most are thick books that start simple then get in to irregular verbs, past perfect tense, etc.  What my neighbors want is basic Spanish that they can use in a restaurant, or perhaps converse a little with a worker.  Plus, the books were about $35!  So, I went to our cute little public library.  I just LOVE libraries.  When we travel, we often use the wifi in a little town’s library.  These days, most are closed, but we can pull up their wifi while sitting in their parking lot.  Today, I found our library closed except for curbside pickup.  The young librarian manning the table in front of the library told me that I could reserve a book online, and then pick it up when it is available.  He said he wasn’t busy so offered to help me.  I told him what I wanted, and he went to  find a few Spanish language books for me.  This demonstrates the kindness of the Latino locals here.  I found 2 books that might suit, but have decided to develop my own guidebook for teaching.  While I was waiting for my books, two ladies came to return devices and get new ones.  I finally figured out that they are some type of modem that they check out (free) so that their children can have access to wifi to do their at-home schooling.  With the poverty in our area, many homes do not have internet, so this is a wonderful resource.  I marveled at the librarian who went back and forth, between English and Spanish, so easily and flawlessly. 

DINNER:  Omelette.  We haven’t had one in ages and I used a lot of ingredients I had on hand – pepperoni, cheese, onions, garlic, broccoli, and mushrooms.  It was tasty. 

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