Immigration…..what to do?

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Can’t complain!  Sunny.  High 82

Steps:  10,091
Water aerobics classes:  2

George decided to forego our morning walk since it is Sunday.  I got an early start – 6:45 and it was still foggy.  I did the walk around the hayfields near our community.  As I was walking along, I saw several vehicles parked on the road in the dense fog.  As I neared them, I could make out four Border Patrol trucks and a regular passenger car.  As I got even closer, I saw the Border Patrol men putting two illegals in the back of one of the trucks.  The passenger car must have been there to pick the illegals up.  Then, a half mile later, I could see more vehicles on the road.  Again, it was two Border Patrol trucks.  They had just caught 10 illegals.  They were seating them on the grass.  I must say that the Border Patrol agents appeared to treat the illegals humanely…..They were distributing Covid masks and paperbags full of snacks.  I watched the pour souls tear into the snack bags and ravenously chomp down on some apples.  They must have been starving.  As I continued my walk, I could hear sirens approaching.  It was either for reinforcements or for chasing after even more illegals. 

My reaction?  I started bawling.  It is such a sad, sad situation.  All of the illegals were about 20.  They were skinny, and appeared very frightened.  They had their heads down in sorrow and desperation. 

Here is my rant…..We MUST find a better solution to our immigration crisis.  We are spending millions, if not billions of dollars on an ugly wall and  thousands of Border Patrol staff and vehicles.  Every other vehicle on the roads around us are Border Patrol trucks, vans, or cars On my walk, I walk by a horse farm that houses Border Patrol horses.  Today, the Border Patrol helicopter hovered over our community for about 8 hours.  Then we pay for containing the illegals.  When they get caught, they are put in cages and if they are families, they get split up. My neighbor told me that last week, Border Patrol picked up four groups of children ages 2-10. They were wet having just swum across the Rio Grande. They all had US phone numbers inked on their arms. My reaction? I feel so bad for the families. They must be desparate, sending them away with a hope for a better life for their children. Others in our community interpret it a different way. They told me (with great authority haha) that the Mexicans, or CentralEnd of rant!  Whew!

When I got home, George had prepared our ritual Sunday morning breakfast – grits and eggs.  We enjoyed CBS Sunday Morning with our coffee.

Since it is Sunday, there were no scheduled water aerobics, but I did two on my own.  It was kind of nice to have the big pool to myself.

One of our neighbors had a driveway birthday drop-in.  People pulled up in the golf carts or walked over, keeping social distancing.  It was nice to see some folks that have recently returned from the North.

DINNER:  I  made some tasty appetizers we enjoyed while we watched CBS 60 Minutes.  I stuffed mushrooms with some creamed spinach and added herbed cream cheese..  Yum!  Then, George grilled another pork chop from the Harvest Host farm where we stayed.  Sides were mashed potatoes and sauteed cabbage. 

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