Oh, my aching back!

LOCATION:  Our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Beautiful once again.  Sunny; high 78

We had M & Ms for breakfast – mangoes and mandarin oranges.  We are so happy that we can buy fresh, inexpensive fruit here.  These are called honey mangoes – smaller than regular ones and really sweet.  Less than $.50 each.

I was on a rampage to finish up two major cleaning projects with Joy today.  I did my fourth (and final) mopping of the floor.  It finally is very clean. 

Then, I finished up the last of the seat cushions.  I had to lean over in such a way that my back started killing me.  But, I am done!

I used to nag George about cleaning his dinner plate.  I’ve eased up on that, and am happy if he can’t eat it all, resulting in leftovers.   We had tacos the other night, and some of the chicken/veg filling was left.  So, for lunch today, I made him nachos.  It is something I never think about making myself.  We usually are disappointed in nachos we buy at a restaurant….the good stuff is just on top, and you end up with a big plate of naked tortilla chips in the middle.  He said these were good.

I try to stay away from politics in this post, but I will say that I can’t wait for this election to get over.  I am so tired of political ads on TV and political signs that are a blight.  The political environment has created a lot of division in our community, I am sad to say.  We will see what tomorrow brings!

DINNER:  I made a home-made version of pork & beans:  I diced some leftover porkchops (from our Harvest Host farm stay) and sauteed the meat with onions.  To that, I added  BBQ sauce, catsup, hot sauce, and a can of white beans.  It turned out pretty well – much better than the canned version!  Sides were sauteed cabbage and the last of the sauerkraut, also from that Harvest Host farm. 

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