Clean, then stinky…

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Beautiful again.  Sunny.  High 76

The weather is absolutely perfect.  We sleep with the windows open and love the cool air wafting in.  We don’t need either heat or air-conditioning. 

It is even perfect for cleaning up Joy, our Airstream, after our dusty summer trip.   Today I tackled the shower.  I ran out of 409 cleaning spray so George picked me up a replacement while he was running errands today.  He bought a Mexican brand (it was cheaper) with a very strong, distinct fragrance.  Now, when I smell it in the trailer, I think I am in a resort in the Caribbean or in Mexico!

We bought a nice decorative mirror for our tiny house bathroom.  It makes it look bigger and lighter.  Here is George at work putting it up…..

A neighbor gave me some red quinoa which she discovered she doesn’t like.  I looked online and found a salad to make with it.  It turned out wonderfully – crisp and clean. I am posting the recipe below.  It includes garbanzo beans, lots of parsley, red onion, red bell pepper, and a dressing with olive oil and lots of lemon juice.  It made a LOT!

I go grocery shopping every 10 days or so, when we run out of fresh fruit and vegetables.  I carefully research or create recipes and plan each day’s lunch and dinner menus.  Then, I develop my grocery list from the ingredients needed for the recipes.  One problem……sometimes in unsupervised moments at the supermarket, George makes some unauthorized, impulse purchases.  Such was the case this week.  He bought a whole, fresh mackerel, and sneaked it into the grocery cart.   

About 5:00 this evening, a terrible smell emanated from the kitchen.  George had opened the fish package and was gutting the fish in the sink.  I wouldn’t let him touch anything with his smelly fingers, so fetched him aluminum foil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.  He wrapped it up and cooked it on the grill.  I like fish, but it shouldn’t smell bad, in my opinion.  I scoured the kitchen after his prep work.  Ugh!

DINNER:  George had the aforementioned grilled fish and the quinoa salad.  I stuck with the quinoa.  Here is the recipe….

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