Cleaning up Joy

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Sunny.  High 75

This morning was so nice – not too hot and not too cold, so we sipped our morning java on the driveway.

I have a long list of “to-do”s to clean up Joy, our Airstream.  Driving on gravel roads during our summer road trip certainly got her dusty.  On today’s checklist was cleaning out all cupboards and drawers.  I worked until I ran out of 409 spray!

I am starting to think and dream about next summer’s trip.  If Covid gets under control and if the borders open up, we will join our Nova Scotia friends Tony and Jenny for an “Iceberg” trip along Canada’s Atlantic coast.  We also want to spend a month or more in Michigan. Sometimes planning the trip is almost as fun as the actual trip.

After a hard day’s work, we made margaritas. We used a recipe we came upon today – adding the juice of a mandarin orange. It turned out quite tasty!

DINNER:  George always makes grits for Sunday breakfast.  For some reason, he made gobs too much last Sunday, so I wanted to tackle the leftovers.  I added an egg and a lot of Parmesan to the grits and pressed them in a Pyrex dish.   I topped with more Parmesan, and mozzarella from Mabel (the cow at last week’s Harvest Host stay), then baked.  To serve, I poured some leftover vegan pasta sauce over the grits “cake”.  It really was yummy.  Side was steamed broccoli.

BOOK:  “Whispers” by Belva Plain.  I picked this up during our summer trip at a library book sale for $.10!  It is sort of sappy, telling the tale of a “perfect” family that ends up not being so perfect.  3 stars out of 5. 

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