Our spring/summer/fall road trip…in a nutshell…….

LOCATION:  In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Hot.  High 90

Now settled in for awhile, I wanted to provide an overview of our trip.  The first photo is the first leg – from Mission, Texas to Montana.  When we left here in June, we didn’t know what to expect, Covid-wise.  Some national and state parks were closed, so I reserved 3 stays in RV parks to use as a base.   We then did a lot of day trips.  This part of the trip was mostly pre-planned.

After we left Missoula, MT, we didn’t have a planned route.  We spent quite a bit of time in Wyoming and Colorado, and then headed to Duluth, MN where we spent a week with our daughter in an AirB&B.

After Duluth, we headed south.  The weather started turning, and we wanted to avoid high winds and hail. We did this leg of the trip fairly quickly.

We had a wonderful trip.  Here are some stats…..

Number of weeks:  19

Number of states:  14   (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas

Number of national parks:  5 (Glacier, Badlands, Grand Tetons, Rocky Mountain, Wind Cave)

Number of state parks:  7

Number of National Forest Service parks: 4

Number of Army Corps of Engineers parks: 10

Number of commercial RV parks: 11

Number of times smooched off friends:  3

Number of miles on pick-up truck:  15,000

Number of miles on Joy, our Airstream:  11,000

Number of Harvest Host stays:  27.  Breweries, brewpubs, wineries, distilleries, museums, golf courses, and farms. 

Number of times we almost ran out of gas:  6

Number of divorces (due to being together 24/7):  0  – Happily so!!!

Number of enjoyable breweries and brewpubs: Too many to remember!

Number of yummy dishes cooked over a campfire or gas grill: About 150

Number of great experiences along the way:  Countless!

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