Work, work, work!

LOCATION: In our tiny house in Mission, Texas
WEATHER: Back to the heat. High 90

We seem to have a lot to do around the house, yard, and trailer. Today I did 4 loads of laundry, and I still am not finished!

We swept and mopped the floor. Since there was construction right behind us this summer, there was a lot of dust!

We live in a community called Retama Village. Check it out at There are about 200 houses. It is a gated, 55+ community with a very nice clubhouse, and lots of activities (except for this year with Covid). I like the fact that there are a variety of home styles. There are small coach houses, either 12 x 20 or 12 X 24 that people use as a hobby room, man cave, TV room, guest house, or just as an extra bathroom and laundry.. People buy them as shells and do whatever they want with them. Then, moving up a step are what are called deluxe coach houses, like ours. They are 12 x 40, and come fully finished with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and dining/living room. This is what it looks like….

Then, moving biggger are casitas. These are about 800 square feet and have one or two bedrooms.

All of these come with a pedestal for RV hook-ups – electricity, water, and sewer. Most people who live in the small coach houses live in their RVs. Those of us in the deluxe coach houses and casitas live in a combination of house and RV.

Next is a new concept called cottages. They are like small homes without the RV set-up. They form a circle and enjoy shared green space.

Even bigger are the port homes. These are about 1200 square feet. They come with a huge, tall garage for parking motor homes underneath. They are probably the most popular.

Finally, are regular houses. These are 1800-3000 square feet. These are mostly for people who used to RV and lived in a smaller house in Retama, and then have decided to stop RVing. Since they like the community, they build a regular house.

There is still a lot of construction going on. When we left for our summer road trip, the lot behind us just had a cement slab. Now, the deluxe coach house is completedly finished and is on the market. It is good to be in a neighborhood with growth.

DINNER: We bought 4 pork chops at the last Harvest Host farm where we stayed. They are HUGE! We also bought some good bacon, thanks to the pigs that they raise. George first grilled the bacon to have on hand…

Then, he grilled the porkchops. I served them with the sauerkraut I had bought at that same farm, and mashed potatoes. We will have a LOT of leftovers!

BOOK: “Unspeakable” by Sandra Brown. Just a paperback I picked up while waiting for my library books to become available. 3 stars out of 5

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