Mother Nature “Bites”!

LOCATION:  In our “tiny house” in Mission, Texas
WEATHER:  Delightfully cool.  High 75

We spent the day busily unpacking and unloading Joy.  I cleaned all the shelves in the house before re-stocking them. 

George did some work on Joy, our Airstream. She performed well on this 5-month road trip!

Our yard has turned into a jungle!  Everything needs to be weeded and trimmed back.  While I was working on the vines on the fence in our backyard, I felt some bites.  Yikes!  My feet were covered with fire ants.  I had stepped right on top of one of their hills.  Ouch!!!

George was weeding the front area, and suddenly he came running into the house to get an ice cube.  A big wasp had taken a chunk out of his hand when he put his hand in to pull some weeds. 

A few residents chatted with us from afar.  We are doing a self-quarantine for 1-2 weeks to make sure we have not brought Covid 19 with us, and to protect residents here.  We are certain we are Covid-free, as I had a test during our trip, and we have no symptoms.  We have been away from people most of the time, only interacting with others outdoors, and social distancing.  So, I won’t be swimming or doing yoga for awhile.  Darn!

We were full-timer RVers for about 5 years, then built this “tiny house” in south Texas in 2018.  We live here a few months each year when we are not traveling in Joy or not housesitting.  Texas is a BIG state, and we are about as far south as you can get.  The WALL is about 1/2 mile from our house. 

DINNER:  I am trying to use up all the frozen goods we have in the trailer’s freezer, and will start fresh.  So, tonight was a bit boring…..frozen tuna burgers in a pita with tzatziki.  Side was steamed mixed vegetables. 

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