Down on the Farm!

LOCATION:  Out in the middle of nowhere in central Texas
CAMPGROUND:  Our 60th Harvest Host site!!!!  This is a farm called 4C Market and Brew Barn.  Lots of animals, lots of farm products to buy, and homebrew!  Electricity (A/C) and water available for purchase.  5 stars out of 5
DRIVE:  3 hours

We had an easy drive from Waco Lake to this Harvest Host destination, passing by lots of cotton fields and oil derricks.  So different from what we have been seeing.

We arrived at this Harvest Host farm in mid-afternoon.  We arrived at this ranch and were welcomed by this sign.  We thought…..”Hmmmm.  This will be interesting”.  Turned out that we were in the wrong driveway!

We found our host, waving frantically from a ranch entrance on the other side of the highway, trying to get us to enter the correct gate.  We finally got it figured out and followed her in her ATV down a road to their house.  The gate had been closed because the cattle and horses roam freely. 

Joy was parked right in the middle of the field.  We had to make sure we did not run over Mabel, the pet dairy cow as we parked.  The horses were also interested in Joy.

We walked around, and visited our turkey neighbors who will be the guest of honor soon on Thanksgiving Day!

We met Harry the Pig who was a runt and had to be separated from his siblings….

The Heritage Herefords are their bread-and-butter which they butcher and sell.

Then, it was milk time.  Mabel is their prized dairy cow.  They picked her up in Mabel, Minnesota, thus the name. 

Melissa, the host, is a real pro at prepping Mabel for milking and then doing the job….

And, then – I gave it a try!

It would have taken hours for me to milk Mabel completely, so Melissa took over again. 

They also have nice dogs patrolling the grounds.

We ordered a bunch of food items to be figured out tomorrow.  Thank goodness they had electricity for us, as we really needed the A/C overnight. 

DINNER:  Mashed potatoes with the rotisserie chicken breast meat.  Side was cheesy broccoli. 

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