Are we in the Caribbean?

LOCATION:  Waco Lake, Texas – in north central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Airport Campground Army Corps of Engineer (ACOE) park on the Waco Lake dam/reservoir.  Top-notch..  We probably have the best site..  Paved, long,  level site with a shelter.  Picnic table, stand-up grill, and firepit.  Electricity and water at site.  Dump station.  Good bathrooms.  $13/night with senior pass.  5 stars out of 5!
WEATHER:  Hot.  High 88..  Beautiful breeze off the lake in the late afternoon/evening.
DRIVE:  5 hours

We took our time at our Lake of the Pines campground in the morning, hiking around the area, and checked the area out again where we had our “episode” yesterday. 

Our route first zig-zagged around the lake.  We were on a lot of country roads.  They are labelled FM – like FM1968.  FM stands for Farm-to-Market, a carryover from times gone by.  In any case, we couldn’t make good time. 

We arrived here at Waco Lake about 5:00 and easily got set up.  We have really been enjoying these ACOE campgrounds.  You can’t beat the price and all the amenities.  I use this book to see if there are any ACOE parks along our route.  Normally, I use online searches, but the ACOE website is not user-friendly.  I highly recommend this book.. 

Our site is on a little point right on the water.  We have our own private beach….

Joy is very happy here, and is cooling off in the breeze coming off the lake.  She is quite alone….the park is probably about 10% occupied, and we are in a section all by ourselves. 

The sunset was gorgeous.  We feel like we are on a Caribbean island!

George happily made a fire in the stand-up grill. 

DINNER:  I made tuna burgers from the leftover fresh ahi that we had grilled the other night.  I added egg, cracker crumbs, dill, and hot sauce to make the patties.  We cooked them in our iron skillet over the fire.  Side was a nice salad.. 

We turned off the A/C after dinner, opened up, and were very comfortable temperature-wise.  We will listen to the waves lapping on the shoreline all night.  Bliss! 

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