Stuck on a dead-end!

LOCATION:  Near Jefferson, Texas in far NE corner of state
CAMPGROUND:  Brushy Creek Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) campground at Lake of the Pines.  Our paved, level site overlooks the lake.  Electricity and water at site.  Nice showers and  bathrooms.  TV reception, but no cell service.  $14/night with senior pass.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Hot and humid.  High 88.  We are back in Texas!
DRIVE:  2.5 hours

We spent a leisurely morning at the DeQueen campground.  I chatted with the host.  She is a 77-year-old, VERY southern widow who enjoys being the park attendant year ’round.  She putt-putts around in her golf cart talking with people.  Before Covid, she checked people in, assigned them a site, etc.  Now with Covid, everything is done online and she really doesn’t have much to do. 

Our drive was an easy one today.  Not long after leaving DeQueen, Arkansas, we crossed over to Texas.  Even though we are in Texas, we are still a long way from south Texas where we have a tiny house.  We are in the Piney Woods section of the state.  There are beautiful, tall pine trees everywhere.

Lake of the Pines is another large ACOE dam/reservoir.  The lake has 150 miles of shoreline.  I imagine it is busy with boaters during the summer, but is nice and quiet now.  Only about 25% of the campsites are occupied.

After checking in, we looked for our campsite.  The numbering was a little confusing, and we missed our turn.  We ended up in the tent section.  Instead of immediately turning around, George wanted to explore further.  Uh-oh.  My worst nightmare…….The road turned into a one-lane maintenance road and then suddenly dead-ended at a locked gate. 

We were stuck in the middle of a forest on a very narrow partly-paved road.  George thought he could do a U-turn.  When he drove forward into the forest, we heard a god-awful sound.  We got out to check…it was the hitch/sway bar stuck in the dirt.  There was too steep a drop-off between the asphalt and the forest’s sand. 

He inched the truck and trailer back and forth.  The tires were spinning; the truck was sliding sideways.  The back wheels of the Airstream came off the ground and spun in the air.  It was horrible to watch.  The hitch kept getting stuck in the drop-off dirt and made grinding noises.  Finally, he decided that turning around was not an option.  He got the truck and trailer back on the road and then backed up about 1/2 mile.  I tried to guide him, but the road was narrow and curvy.  He did an excellent job.  Never in a million years could I do that.  We finally got back to the tent section where we could get turned around.  Whew!

An hour after we had checked in,  I was still shaking by the time we found our site and got set up.  We had margaritas to welcome us back to Texas and to calm us down.

DINNER:  I smashed some hamburger buns down to make a flatbread (since I didn’t have any flatbreads) for a pizza.  After toasting the bread lightly, I spread a layer of Boursin herbed,  creamy cheese on top.  Then, I added a layer of Italian sausage, green peppers, onions, green onions, and sun-dried tomatoes.  I sprinkled on a bit of parmesan.  “Splendido”!  as they say in Italian. 

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