Shorts and T-shirt weather!

LOCATION:  DeQueen, Arkansas
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Bellah Mines at the DeQueen ACOE lake
WEATHER:  Hot and humid.  High 82

We took a hike around the campground, noticing the mess the raccoons had made overnight with the garbage.  Must have been quite a party!

It is summer-like weather here.  We put away our winter clothes and bedding and pulled out shorts and t-shirts.  I even turned on the air-conditioning a bit to get the humidity down.  Wow, what a contrast from a few days ago!!!

We went in to the town of DeQueen in search of lunch, gas, and wifi.  The host here at the campground said that there were some good Mexican restaurants here because there are a lot of Mexicans living here.  It is probably due to the big chicken-processing plants here. 

We found a very authentic one, just a shack with a cover on it.  It really reminded us of where we live in south Texas during the winter….TV on with a Telemundo show, extensive menu in Spanish on a chalkboard, and very friendly Mexican customers. 

The restaurant is named El Huarache which means “sandal”.  I had encountered huaraches before on a menu in Mexico and asked about the name since I was confused.    I learned then that a huarache is a large sandal-shaped tortilla.  It is kind of a slang thing.  Since this restaurant is named Huarache, we ordered that for lunch.  We split one (for only $4).  This is one half…

George doesn’t look too happy because this is a dry county and there was no cerveza to go with his huarache lunch  🙂

We found the town’s nice library and used the wifi.  I made some reservations for upcoming campgrounds and planned our route through Texas – trying to avoid the Interstates and the big cities like Dallas, Houston, and Austin.  Not easy.

On our way back, we drove around the lake and explored some of the area.  There are a lot of homes that look like hoarders live there.  How can anyone even walk around a place like this?

George repeated his fire routine from last night:  First he made a fire in the stand-up grill where we cooked dinner.  Later, he moved the hot coals to the fire pit for a nice evening fire.

DINNER:  Grilled rotisserie chicken.  This is something I like to do when we have a grill.  I buy a whole, cooked chicken, then grill the boney pieces.  It gives them a nice crunch and a smoke taste.  This way, you don’t have to worry about getting the chicken cooked throughout without burning it..  (Tales from the past).  We slathered it with BBQ and buffalo wing sauce.  Side was sauted veg – onions, mushrooms, poblano peppers.  I froze the rest of the chicken for future meals. 

BOOK:  “Aftermath” by Peter Robinson.  This is another one in a long series about a British detective in a remote North Yorkshire village.  4 stars out of 5. 

One thought on “Shorts and T-shirt weather!

  1. Keith

    I have never figured out the financials of rotisserie chicken. They are usually have the size of a raw chicken and they are all ready to go. How does that work?


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