Duluth really appeals….

LOCATION:  In an AirB&B log cabin outside of Duluth, Minnesota
WEATHER:  Cooler.  High 58.  Sunny

We started the day with breakfast pancakes that George whipped up.

Today’s plan was to show Graham, our daughter Alexis’s partner, the sights of Duluth. We took the Skyline Highway all around the city.  Absolutely beautiful!

We found a good microbrewery for some beers  – a stout and a Belgian – in a warehouse district area. 

We had planned to have lunch at Fitger’s, Minnesota’s oldest brewpub, but it was packed..  So, we returned to the cabin for a late lunch.  Much safer for Covid and the views from the 3-season porch, where we ate, were beautiful.

Graham and Alexis took a walk down our road.  It is very sparsely populated around here, so we are enjoying the quiet.

Then, we ventured up to the 4th floor of the “cabin” to play some pool, ping pong, and pinball.

This is a view of Joy, our Airstream, from the 4th floor window.  She is happy taking a rest this week!

George got a nice fire going in the deck’s firepit.

DINNER:  Eggplant parmesan.  I used the white, round eggplant that Alexis brought from her CSA.  Sides were take&bake baguettes and a big salad, with tomatoes that my friend Nancy brought from her garden.  Yummy!

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