We have hit the jackpot with this fall weather…..

LOCATION:  In the AirB&B log cabin outside of Duluth, Minnesota
WEATHER:  Incredibly warm for this time of year in northern MN – high 78.  Sunny.  Beautiful

Another beautiful fall day.  George and my friend Nancy tried out the kayaks at the lake while I worked inside on the computer, figuring out our next stops after leaving this cabin. 

After a light lunch here at the cabin (salads and sandwiches), we drove 5 miles to Jay Cooke State Park.  We were just expecting another nice state park, but this was outstanding, with its unique rocks and gorge.

It is most famous for its swing bridge…

We did some hiking (scrambling) over the rocks

On our way home, we discovered the lake/dam that fills the gorge.

Back home, George did some handyman jobs; he cannot just sit still.

Back home, we enjoyed a fire in the gazebo next to the lake.

Alexis’s boyfriend arrived at 8:00 PM, just in time for dinner.

DINNER:  Portobellos.  George seared them briefly on the grill, then I filled them with a mix of Trader Joe’s soy chorizo, goat cheese, pesto, onion, tomatoes, and herbs.  I lined each portobello with a slice of tomato, then added the stuffing mix, and baked.  Side was a 4-bean salad, using the ton of green beans that Alexis brought from her CSA farm share. 

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