A terrific day on Minnesota’s North Shore

LOCATION:  Just outside of Duluth, Minnesota in a cozy, log cabin for the week
WEATHER:  We have hit the jackpot.  So nice every day – sunny.  High 67

Today was an outing on the North Shore.  I did the driving.  It is so helpful to have two back-seat drivers…..not!

We took the scenic route, following Lake Superior.  We did a lot of oohs and aahs over the beautiful foliage.

We stopped along the shoreline for a nice view

We admired the falls at Gooseberry Falls State Park where we had a hike, although there is not much water there this time of year.

We made the obligatory stop at Betty’s World Famous Pie Shop where George got a piece of bumbleberry pie.

Then, we went to Split Rock Lighthouse.  Again, more beautiful scenes.

And, we stopped at a fish shop and bought some smoked whitefish from Lake Superior.

By this time, I was fretting about the gas tank.  Alexis had the privilege of listening to us bicker about whether to stop.  Guess who wanted to wait for a better price!? As you can see on the gauge, we are below Empty.

We made it back to Two Harbours, filled up our tank, and then filled our tummies with some good beer at Castle Danger Brewery

As we passed through Duluth, we stopped at Bent Paddle Brewery for another fill-up.  Alexis and George are pleased with their designated driver….moi!

Back home, I happily made dinner.  The kitchen here is huge and it is fun cooking. 

DINNER:  Yaki-soba and Japanese-style eggplant.  I sauted some fake chicken strips (as Alexis is vegan) along with onions, mushrooms, and green beans, adding some teriyaki sauce and soy sauce at the end.  I cooked up the soba (Asian buckwheat noodles).  George thin-sliced the eggplant and grilled them, as they do in Japan.  I coated them lightly with sesame oil when they were done.  Oishikata, as they say in Japan!

After dinner, George and Alexis checked out the gazebo down by the lake and enjoyed a fire in yet another firepit. 

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