A restful day at “our” beautiful cabin

LOCATION:  In a cabin outside of Duluth, Minnesota
WEATHER:  Another great autumn day.  A few sprinkles in the late PM

We hung around the cabin today, enjoying the beauty and getting some chores done.  I did a ton of laundry, taking advantage of the great facilities here.

We took a walk along the road in front of the cabin.

  First we said “good morning” to the neighbor’s darling calf while the neighbor welcomed us to the area. 

George did some of his morning stretches outside while Alexis and I did yoga following a DVD.

For lunch, I made some miso soup from miso paste Alexis brought.  This is something I should travel with more often, as it takes only a little space and lasts forever.  I added some veg and fake chicken to it for a nice, healthy soup.

George and Alexis chopped some more firewood for the fireplace.

I just admired the beautiful colors.

DINNER:  I made a British fish pie — a layer of mixed vegetables, mushrooms, and sauted onions.  Then, a layer of smoked mussels and sauteed scallops.  Then, topped it with scalloped potatoes. Only problem….a lot of leftovers!

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