On our way to the cabin…

LOCATION:  Menomonie, Wisconsin in west central part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Zymurgy Brewery, part of the Harvest Host membership.  In their parking lot.  Good beer.  Within walking distance to town.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Cold.  High 50.  Low below freezing!
DRIVE:  4 hours

It got below freezing last night, and we awoke to frost on the pick-up.. 

We enjoyed our Sunday morning ritual – grits, eggs and bacon for breakfast while watching “CBS This Morning”.  We especially like the “moment of nature” which shows beautiful natural parks and forests, many of which we have visited.

Then, off to Rochester to pick up one of our daughters, Alexis. Here we are with her partner at the pick-up place.  We are going together to spend a week in a cabin near Duluth.

We drove on toward Menomonie, stopping along the way at a brewery in the middle of a cornfield. 

Then, we arrived at this cute brewery, converted from a gas station, where we will “camp” overnight.

We enjoyed some beers and chatted with the brewer/owner.

Then, we walked to another brewery, a converted train depot.

The brewery where we are “camped” is near downtown so we had a lot of restaurants to choose from.  We found one with yummy bowls.  We shared bowls and an order of cauliflower wings.

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