Winery hopping!

LOCATION:  Round Lake, Minnesota – in SW part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Round Lake Winery, another Harvest Host site.  This is our 3rd time here.  One of our very favorite HH sites. 
WEATHER:  Colder.  Cloudy.  High 50
DRIVE:  3 hours

During the night, one of our propane tanks ran out, so we did not have any heat.  It was in the 30s inside Joy, but we were toasty under 2 blankets and a heavy sleeping bag.  In the morning, George switched to the other tank, and now all is well again.

Early this morning, we watched the farmer/vintner pick the remaining field of grapes. 

It is a pretty slick operation. The machines are from France.

They were working hard, trying to get everything done today, before the freeze

Meanwhile, George picked some of their vegetables – tomatoes and peppers.

We headed out about 11:00 and took our time driving to Round Lake, another winery.  We passed a lot of farm equipment on the road, and saw big semi-trailers full of sugar beets.  We went through little towns with signs “Population 312 or 27 or 1249”.  Lunch was a picnic along one of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes. 

The two other times we were at Round Lake were in the summer, so it looks different now with the fall colors.  Just beautiful.

We are parked right along the lake

They are preparing for a lake-side, outdoor wedding tomorrow. 

To pass some time and to warm up Joy, I cooked up some of the peppers George picked this morning.  We will have the peppers tomorrow night.

As with Hinterland Vineyards (yesterday’s stop), they are finishing up the harvesting here, too. 

The cozy tasting room with a nice fire in the fireplace beckoned us in.   We tasted several good ones and selected 2 to buy.

DINNER:  We went back to their tasting room/bistro for a lovely dinner with excellent service.  A lot of locals seem to patronize the restaurant.  We shared a hamburger, salad, and sweet potato fries. 

Tonight is supposed to get down to 29!  We are prepared! 

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