Autumn camping

LOCATION:  Just outside of Sioux Falls, SD
CAMPGROUND:  Big Sioux Recreation Area
WEATHER:  Drop-dead gorgeous!  Perfect fall day.  AM crisp; PM warm at 75

We spent the morning hiking around the campground.  To me, this is the best time of year to camp…..the weather is perfect and the campgrounds almost empty. 

We headed to the city of Sioux Falls for lunch.  We took some back roads which took us through booming residential areas.  The city really looks prosperous and seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.  We found a nice English-style pub for lunch.

We did some grocery shopping.  The stores are set up for fall and Halloween.

Back at the campground, we took more hikes along the Big Sioux River.  Just beautiful.

George made another one of his award-winning campfires to cook dinner.

DINNER:  We started with a caprese salad using a tomato from the Harvest Host brewery’s garden.  It is probably the last time we eat caprese salad for the season.  Grilled hamburgers and BBQ beans. 

And then we watched the debate….and almost got sick!

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