A real autumn day

LOCATION:  Just outside of Sioux Falls, South Dakota – in southeast part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Big Sioux State Recreation Area.  A lovely state park with paved, level sites, spaced far apart.  Electricity.  Dump station with water.  Fire rings and picnic tables.  Beautifully clean bathrooms and showers.  $27/night.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER: Windy and cloudy..  High 53
DRIVE:  2 hours

It was another windy day for driving, but the wind was at our back, so was not bad.  Those winds from Alberta! 

This campground is about 1/3 full, so we didn’t have any problem getting a spot.  We spent the afternoon hiking & scrounging for firewood, and exploring the park.

It is really autumn here.  It is fun walking through the leaves and hearing them scrunch underfoot.

George did a few handiwork projects (like fixing the hinge on my clothes closet) while I did some internet work, figuring out a route as we travel down the Mississippi in a few weeks.

We made a great fire.  Its warmth really felt good.  George has perfected the process…

1)  Assemble everything needed to make the fire.  Make sure George has a beer and I have a glass of wine to get everything going.

2)  Make sure the secret weapon handy fire starters are ready.  My project last winter was to collect toilet paper rolls and stuff them with clothes dryer lint with a dab of Vaseline.  We have a big plastic bin full of these guys.

3) Stuff an empty 6-pack beer container with the toilet paper fire starters.  Add any bits of paper on hand.   (Sometimes it is a paper plate left from lunch or newspapers rolled up).

4) Then, add some small kindling in the beer container.  If pine cones are around, place one in each of the beer container holes.

5) Arrange a few pieces of bigger wood on the sides. Then light…..

6) Here it comes; here it comes……

As the fire gets going well, add bigger pieces of wood.  I try to cook dinner over the fire – either directly on or in an iron skillet every time we have a fire. 

DINNER:  Leftover gumbo.  I added more shrimp and one of the green peppers we got at the Harvest Host brewery yesterday.  We cooked it in an iron skillet over the campfire.

Life is good!

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