Oktoberfest Fun

LOCATION:  Wagner, South Dakota in SE part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host site – Choteau Creek Farm Brewery.  Wonderful!  We managed to be here for their Oktoberfest party.  5 stars out of 5!
WEATHER:  Sunny and windy.  High 78
DRIVE:  4 hours plus lost an hour with time zone change

We left the Badlands National Park with its eerie scenery, and quickly entered an Indian reservation.  There was a Covid-19 stop.  They asked us where we were going, our names, took down our license plate number, and instructed us to wear our masks as we passed through.  They are being very careful!

The Badlands gradually disappeared and we drove through a lot of farm country, once again.  We passed by fields of corn, soybeans, sorghum, hay, and sunflowers.  All look ready to be harvested soon.

As we arrived at our Harvest Host site, the owner greeted us in the driveway and helped us get parked.  She invited us to come in for the Oktoberfest celebrations.

We are on an old farm with a vegetable garden, guinea fowl, and chickens. 

They were just getting ready for the women’s Steinhoist contest…..who can hold a liter of beer with a straight arm the longest.  Here we are competing…

Obviously I was the oldest contender by far!   Lifting that heavy stein was hard!   The girl on the far right won.

I gave my liter to George to finish up.  We sat in their cozy bar and talked with the locals.  What fun!

DINNER:  Yaki-soba – Japanese buckwheat  noodles.  I warmed up some leftover ribs and cut in small bits.  Then, I cooked up some mixed vegetables and added them to the ribs.  Cooked everything together with the soy sauce mix that came with the noodles.  Nice and light (after all the beer we drank!) 

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