Happy Birthday to me!

LOCATION:  Black Hills National Forest in South Central South Dakota
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Lake Roubaix
WEATHER:  Perfect!  High 78

Today’s plan was to do another scenic highway loop and do laundry!  What a great way to spend my birthday!

We drove through popular Deadwood, a wild Western-type town famous for its outlaws like Wild Bill Hickock.  It is now full of tourist shops, casinos, and saloons, It is on the National Historic Registry list and is well-preserved.   Then, through pretty countryside to Spearfish.

We spent the rest of the morning at Suds & Duds doing laundry.  There was a Bud Light bar/casino next door where we were encouraged to pass our time while the clothes were washing, but we passed.  We seem to  be going through more laundry than usual.  It is because of the weather fluctuations – we wear sweatshirts and long pants in the morning, and by mid-day switch to shorts and t-shirts. 

With a backseat full of clean clothes, our next stop was a brewery, of course!  We even had a coupon for a free beer that we had clipped out of a tourist guidebook. 

Good beer.  We picked up some BBQ from a shop next door and ate it with the beer on their patio.

We then joined a lot of autumn leaf-lookers on a drive to through the spectacular Spearfish Canyon.  The colors were beautiful.  We passed through an area that had a sign saying that the movie “Dances with Wolves” was filmed here. 

We stopped at the Devil’s Bathtub where we walked along the river that slices through Spearfish Canyon. 

We finally found the bathtub….

We have some pet-peeves about people’s disregard for the outdoors.   One new one is seeing Covid-19 masks strewn along hiking paths. 

This pet peeve joins others we find on trails – cigarette butts,  plastic bags full of dog poop,  and those plastic tooth-flossers.  Ugh!

The last town we went through on our scenic highway loop  was Lead, an old mining town on a steep hill.

Back to the campground, George built another great fire.  A couple (our age or older) came in and set up camp in the site next to ours, sharing the parking area.  We were surprised that they did not set up a tent.     Later we realized that they just were sleeping in their car.  And….two other cars were doing the same!

DINNER:  Gumbo.  I had George grill some brats and then I sliced them up.  In an iron skillet, I placed onions, bell peppers, shrimp, and a cajun herb mix and had him saute that up over the fire.  I brought the skillet into the trailer, and finished it off by adding some cooked Italian sausage, the brats, and cooked okra.  I served over rice.  Yummy!

BOOK:  I am reading a weird one – the review will follow soon.  Facebook sent me this photo and I thought it spoke to me….

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