Camping in a perfect lakeside spot….Free!

LOCATION:  In the Northern Black Hills Forest, in west central South Dakota
CAMPGROUND:  Lake Roubaix National Forest Service Campground.  The campground is closed for the season, but they left 10 sites open.  Since it is technically closed, it is free!  We snagged a great site with a lake view.  Pit toilets.  No other services.  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Another perfect day for camping.  High 75.  Cool at night.
DRIVE:  45 minutes

We left the Harvest Host brewery/winery early as the RV bus next to us turned on their stinky diesel engine.  We only had about 30 miles to Lake Roubaix.  We didn’t know if there was a campground here or if it would be open.  We really scored!  It is beautiful here, and extremely peaceful. And did I say free??? This is the view from our campsite.

Today and tomorrow we will spend driving around the area.  This is called the northern section of the Black Hills.  It is very scenic. 

Before we got on the scenic highway that follows a large canyon, we passed this Trump store.  Wow!  We couldn’t resist taking photos.

Trump is very popular here.  Throughout Montana, Colorado, and South Dakota,  we have seen thousands of Trump signs and flags in people’s yards, like at this ranch…

After that, the scenery got more interesting.  So bucolic!

We stopped and took a nice hike.  We saw some sort of animal prints that looked like cougar or bobcat. 

We drove through Sturgis, of motorcycle fame.   I think it is pretty dead most of the year, outside of Bike Week in August. 

Back at the campground, we took a hike around the lake.  It got a little dicey the farther we went.

George built a really nice campfire with the wood we scrounged from other sites where people had left pieces. 

DINNER:  Steak fajitas.  Using some of the leftover skirt steak we had grilled and frozen, I added bell peppers, poblano peppers, onions, and mushrooms and grilled everything over the fire in an iron skillet, with Mexican herbs.  I served with a grilled tortilla, tomato slices, bits of cheese, lettuce, and salsa.  Muy bueno! 

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