A Day of Decadence

LOCATION:  Hill City, South Dakota – in SW part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Naked Winery/Sick & Twisted Brewery.  Another Harvest Host site.  With 5 RVs in their parking lot, we are a bit crammed together.  On a nice stream.  Great beer, wine, and food.  4 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  High 80.  Sunny
DRIVE:  40 minutes

While still at Wind Cave National Park this morning, we walked over to the visitor center to use their wifi and to get some exercise in.  It was tricky crossing this cattle gate with sandals on!

The cattle gate is to keep the bison out of our campground.  Right beyond the gate, this fellow was happily munching on grass.  Normally when we see bison up close, we have the comfort of being next to the car, in case he decides to charge.  Today, just walking, was a bit tense.

We only had a short distance to drive to get to this Harvest Host site.  We were thinking about doing laundry, but didn’t see any laundromats in the town…..so we went wine and beer tasting instead!

The first place was very good.  We shared a delicious charcuterie board.  George tried a small IPA and stout;  I had their cabernet.  Surprisingly good.  They bring in their grapes from OR and WA.. 

The second place was actually two separate businesses, but with the same brewer owner.  George got an Oktoberfest, while I walked over to the winery.  I tried their Mouvedre, and brought it over to the businesses’ shared common outdoor area.  It was lovely to sit outside in the near-perfect weather.

Then – to our place for the night.  It is also a brewery and winery.  Amazing how 3 similar  businesses can survive in a town of 1000 people.  It is in a great location – not far from Crazy Horse Monument, Mount Rushmore, and Custer State Park, bringing in a lot of tourists. 

The owner met us in the parking lot and helped us back in.  We have the best spot – right on a little bubbling creek.  Later he helped 4 other RVs get parked. 

The decor is Marilyn Monroe/James Dean, and their wines have irreverent names related to nakedness.  (The owner’s wife said it is because they don’t add anything to the “naked” grapes they get from Oregon.)  We had some some smoked chicken wings as an appetizer. 

We decided on a red wine, and sipped on it on the patio while waiting for our flatbread pizza to cook.  Then, we took the pizza back to Joy to finish up the evening.  Here she is enjoying the sunset.

BOOK:  “When We Left Cuba” by Chanel Cleeton.  2nd in a trilogy recommended by a travel/book club I belong to online.  This piece of historical fiction is about a refugee who joins the CIA and tries to kill Castro.  4 stars out of 5

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