Camping at a distillery!

LOCATION:  Pine Bluffs, Wyoming in far SW corner of state
CAMPGROUND:  Pine Bluffs Distillery, another Harvest Host site.  Terrific!  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Very hazy/smokey.  High 85
DRIVE:  3 hours

Here is Joy savoring her last morning at Carter Lake.  It has been a good 5-day stay here, seeing the Rocky Mountain National State Park, doing a pontoon boat ride, and exploring the beer towns nearby. 

These 20 or so wild turkeys came right up to our site to bid us farewell…

As we left town, we stopped and gave Joy a much-needed wash..

Today’s destination was fairly close by, if we had taken the interstates, but we chose to do the backroads.  We passed through a lot of agricultural areas in Colorado, then desolate oil fields.  The only really interesting thing we saw were the many pronghorns frolicking in the fields.  We had the GPS set for ‘no highways” and boy was that the case!  It took us on a terrible, wash- board gravel road for 15 miles.  At some points, we could only manage 15 MPH.  It really shook us up – a door even fell off one of our cabinets.  Finally, a stretch of paved road.  Then, the GPS wanted us to turn again.  I ignored the turn as it was another gravel road.  After a lot of backtracking, we finally made it here.

Our road…..

This is a great Harvest Host location.  We are set up right next to a row of grain bins, providing some nice shade.

And – we hit the jackpot!  Tonight they are having a special release party for their new peach bourbon whiskey with a live band and a food truck.

We went in the distillery and tasted some of their whiskeys…

George went on a distillery tour while I chatted with another Harvest Host couple.  They are living in their RV full-time and are “road-schooling” their 12-year-old daughter. Interesting.

Then, the music started on the patio…

We were amazed at the number of people who came, since this is a small, remote area.

We ordered some Texas-style BBQ – a platter of brisket, and took it back to Joy to eat outside.

As we went to sleep, the coyotes started whooping it up.  Lovely!

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