Doing Fort Collins

LOCATION:  Near Loveland, Colorado
CAMPGROUND:  Last night at Carter Lake
WEATHER:  Very pleasant.  High 85.  Very hazy/smokey

Our goal today was to check out Fort Collins.  We have been here before, and really liked it.  It is considered one of America’s top craft beer cities, along with Grand Rapids and Asheville.  It has more than 20 breweries here, some of them large – like Fat Tire, New Belgium, and Coopersmiths.

First we went to their library, located in Old Town.  It is a very quaint area.  Good vibe.  As with most libraries, they are closed due to Covid, but we were welcomed to sit outside and use their wifi.

We strolled around the residential area, then to the main part of Old Town.  Interesting factoid:  This Main Street in Fort Collins was used as a model for the Main Street, USA section of DisneyLand.

There are many outdoor cafes, brewpubs, cute shops, and coffee shops all around. 

It has a European feel.  Almost everyone rides bikes. Most of the streets are pedestrian only.  The flower pots are huge and beautiful. 

We picked up the truck and went in search of a brewpub for lunch.  The first one was pretty nice, but had no food.  George tried their double IPA. 

They are serious about masks here – even the elk horns on the wall are wearing them…

The second brewpub was a real winner.  We shared a delicious pastrami sandwich.  The hostess wasn’t busy so chatted with us a long time.  George had a stout aged in bourbon barrels. 

After a stop at the grocery store to stock up, we headed back.  We are always looking for that perfect town/city to retire to one day.  I had hoped Fort Collins might be it.  We really liked the Old Town, but the city has really been affected by urban sprawl, so I think we have to take it off our list.

George fired up the propane grill to make our last dinner here.  We hope this fire ban will be over soon.  This propane hose connected to Joy’s propane tanks is handy….we don’t have to carry a separate propane tank for the grill.

DINNER:  One leftover lamb patty cooked up with mushrooms and onions.  I stuffed that mix in a pita pocket and added bits of kalamata olives and the last of the goat cheese.  The side was a nice salad with a feta salad dressing I found today.

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