Checking out Colorado breweries…someone has to do it! :-)

LOCATION:  Near Loveland, Colorado in NE part of state
CAMPGROUND: Another night at Carter Lake
WEATHER:  Very pleasant – high 74, but very smoky (due to fires)

Joy likes it here and is basking here in the morning sunrise…

Feeling energetic this morning, we took a 6-mile hike along Carter Lake.  It was a perfect temperature (low 70s) for a hike. 

Today was Brewery Town #1 day.  The small cities around here are full of breweries, many famous.  Today we drove about 10 miles to Longmont, home of O’Dells Brewery and Left Hand Brewery,  as well as several lesser-known microbreweries.  First we went to Collision Brewery where we had a yummy lunch out on their patio.  Normally, their patio offers some of the best views around of the Rockies, but today it was just haze.  We shared a wild mushroom cheese melt, something I’d like to try to make one day.  George tried several of their beers – an IPA, Oktoberfest, and a stout.  He is very happy that I am the designated driver!  (He does order the 4 or 5-ounce glasses so he doesn’t overdo.)

Next up was a small microbrewery in a warehouse area.  We drove around and around looking for it.  It is Grossen Bart – meaning “big beard” in German.  There he had their imperial stout.

We remember Longmont fondly from a visit several years ago.  Alas, it has grown a lot and we were happy to return to Berthoud, the town closest to our campground, which is much smaller.  We stopped at their local microbrewery.  There,  George had a Begian Triple Ale.  H20 was my libation most of the day. 

DINNER:  Back at the campground, George fired up the propane grill.  We grilled brats and I served them with a salad and some of the homemade saurkraut from the Harvest Host farm.  Skol!

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