Waiting for the return of good weather…

LOCATION:  Rock Springs, Wyoming
CAMPGROUND:  3rd night at KOA Rock Springs/Green River
WEATHER:  Still wintry.  Overcast all day.  A bit of “wintry mix”.  High 46.  Low 27

We awoke to another gloomy day.  We watched a parade of RVs leaving quite early – then another pack coming in around 3:00.  Since we are along Interstate 80, I think a lot of people just use this as a convenient overnight stay.  The roads are ok now to drive on.  This is the view (ugly) from our front window…

I did another quick load of laundry and did some route planning on the computer.  Lunch was a hot bowl of ramen. 

Then, in the afternoon, suffering from cabin fever, we drove to the historic downtown district.  We stumbled upon their weekly farmers’ market.  We really didn’t need much, but bought some fresh corn, summer squash, and roasted poblano peppers.  A vendor was roasting poblanos and Hatch peppers in a gigantic bin over a fire. Their smell oozed so pleasantly through the market. 

Another stall sold baked goods.  These looked pretty.

We bought one of these quiches for tomorrow’s breakfast.  We always like to support local markets.

Then, what do we spy?  A brewery!  We had a beer in their cozy, warm tap room and chatted with a local guy.  He said he has lived here his entire life (50  years) and has never seen a snowstorm like the one we drove through on Tuesday, especially in early September.

DINNER:  I wanted to use up some of the veg we bought at the market, and also wanted to use the oven again to warm the trailer up.  I made this twist on quesadillas……I sauteed onions and mushrooms, then added cooked, diced (leftover) chicken and one of the roasted poblanos.   To that, I sprinkled quite a bit of cumin, chili pepper, and cayenne.  Meanwhile, I mixed up some cream cheese with some cilantro paste.  I would normally use fresh cilantro, but it is hard to come by here.  I toasted 2 tortillas lightly, then cut them in pieces and laid them in a Pyrex baking dish.  Then, I lathered on the cream cheese/cilantro paste.  Then, a layer of the chicken/veg mix.. Another layer of tortillas finished it up with a few bits of cheddar cheese.  At the table, I served it with salsa.  The side dish was corn on the cob.  I cooked it using my favorite corn-on-the-cob technique:  I lathered the ear with butter, salt, pepper, and parmesan.  Wrapped in aluminum foil and baked about 15 minutes.  Ole!

This is the cilantro paste I keep on hand while we are traveling….

BOOK:  “The Island of Sea Women” by Lisa See.  With this lousy weather, I am reading a lot!  This historical fiction is about the Jeju (Korea) abalone divers and their hardships, especially during the Korean War.  4 stars out of 5

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