Hiking with Heather and moose-spotting!

LOCATION:  Near Alpine, Wyoming.  50 miles south of Jackson
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Blowout National Forest Service Campground
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Another cool morning, followed by brilliant, sunny afternoon.

We drove up to meet our friend Heather who is staying near Jackson at a KOA  – in one of their “kozy kabins”.  Really cute.  We picked her up and drove to the Grand Tetons National Park, another 30 miles or so. 

We were afraid that there would be a lot of people, but it wasn’t too bad.  We tried to park at one ofr the trailheads, but the parking lot was full.  So, we found another “hidden” parking space that was actually better situated for our hike.

We took off on a trail called Hidden Falls.  Right at the beginning, we had to choose which fork to take – the mountain or lake one.  We selected the mountain trail.  It took us about 3 miles up and over a mountain.  The views of Lake Jenny below were fabulous….

The falls themselves were pretty good.  You can get there by hiking like we did or taking a boat across the lake from the visitor center, which is the more popular option.  Consequently, there were a lot of people at the falls so we didn’t stick around there long.   

While we were there, George spotted some rock climbers at the jagged peak of this mountain…

We took the easier lake trail option back to the truck.  The trail followed the lake, with lovely views.

By this time, we were pretty tired, hungry, and George’s toe hurt.  We recuperated with lunch and a rest.

George continued to rest, while Heather and I took off for another short hike – this time on Moose Pond Trail.  It did not disappoint…..we saw a moose cow eating along the shore of the marshy pond…

And then the jackpot – a big bull moose eating away.  We took about a thousand photos!

Back at the car, a total of about 7 miles hiking, it was “beer-thirty” – time to go to one of Jackson’s breweries.  We found one, but there was a long line just to get in to the place.  We nixed that plan and went to Heather’s kabin to chill for awhile. 

We said goodbye to Heather and headed back to our campground.  George made another great fire and we enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

DINNER:  A new invention that I will make again.  Sort of a flatbread pizza.  First, we put the iron skillet on the campfire and heated some some leftover chicken pieces with some sun-dried tomatoes.  Meanwhile, I had made a mix of cream cheese and pesto, and spread that on a piece of naan flatbread.  We put the chicken/tomato mix on top of the naan and put the naan back in the iron skillet.  I topped the naan with some roasted red peppers, spices, and mozarella.  Dinner was done when the cheese melted.  We sprinkled red onion bits on at the table.  I will repeat this recipe sometime – could do a lot of variations.

BOOK:  “Cold is the Grave” by Peter Robinson.  This is another in the British detective series I enjoy as it takes places in the North Yorkshire Dales, where we did a housesit once.  4 stars out of 5.

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