Lovely day with a lovely friend…

LOCATION:  Outside of Alpine, Wyoming, south of Jackson
CAMPGROUND:  Blowout Campground, part of National Forest Service.  On Palisades Reservoir.  Our site has water views.  Nice bathroom.  Like most NFS campgrounds, no services.  We snagged the best site.  $6/night with Senior Pass.  Definitely 5 stars out of 5!
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  Cool in AM (40), warming to 80
DRIVE:  1 hour

We are zigzagging around southeastern Idaho and southwestern Wyoming staying at different places for different experiences.  We are in the foothills of the Tetons, and the scenery is magnificent.

We awoke at our Harvest Host farm and got a very early (for us – 8:00 AM) start.  We wanted to get to this Blowout Campground to grab a “first come, first served” campsite.  Since Labor Day weekend is coming up, I was a bit worried about getting a place.  We had canceled our reservation for another NFS campground that we looked at the other day.  We discovered it is  8 miles up and back a windy, steep road and did not offer any views.  We were in luck. Not only were there sights available, but we were able to get the best one in the campground.

One of the joys of traveling is meeting up with friends along the way.  Our friend Heather from Michigan is traveling in Wyoming and Montana for a few weeks, and we got together today.  She drove down from Jackson to our campground.

We took a drive along the reservoir..  The shiny blue water is beautiful.

We explored down some backroads, a bit scary driving but interesting scenery.  We found a stream where the kokanee salmon were swimming upriver.  They are bright red and are mightily trying to fight the current.

Then, we  took a hike on the Palisades Creek Trail.  On the first bridge, I put down my hand on the rail, and got a splinter.  It is so nice to have Nurse George along to remove it.

The views along the hike were great, and it was lovely to listen to the creek bubbling along.

At one point, strong George had to hold up a rock to let us pass through!

After the invigorating hike, we returned to the campsite for dinner.  George and Heather made a nice fire

This is the view from our campsite.  Joy is happy here!

DINNER:  Tacos.  We grilled shirmp, bell pepper, onions, mushrooms, and fish and served with warmed tortillas.  All cooked on the campfire.  Side was beans and rice.  Ole! 

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