Old McDonald Had a Farm….

LOCATION:  Afton, Wyoming – 50 miles south of Jackson
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host site – Shumway Farms.  A small, family farm with a farm store.  Room for 3 RVs.  We are surrounded by cows.  Love it!  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Cold (30) in AM warming to 68 and very sunny
DRIVE:  1 hour south

It was foggy when we got up and couldn’t even see the mountains near us.  The sun quickly burned off the fog and it became a brilliant, sunshiny day. 

We followed the Snake River and Palisades Reservoir, and stopped for a picnic lunch overlooking the river.  Beautiful views!

We didn’t have far to go today so took our time.  We stopped in the town of Afton which boasts the “world’s largest elk horn arch” in their little downtown.

We found the farm south of town and got set up.  This is the view from our trailer’s doorway with our neighbor (a cow):

Two pet calves quickly started following us around and wanted to check out Joy.

Some of the cows are dairy; some are beef.  The owners have a farm store where they sell full-fat ice cream, raw milk, Icelandic skyr yogurt, cheese, lamb, and beef.  We bought some of everything!  They do quite a business.  I counted 10 cars coming in to shop just in a few hours.

We walked around the farmyard..  This rooster will wake us up in the morning, I’m sure…

These babies are still in their pens

They also raise lambs, who were too busy eating to pose for the camera…

Farmer George helped feed one of the cows.

The farm is nestled in the Star Valley.  A beautiful location.

There is one other RV here.  It is a mother from New York City and her two little daughters.  She told George they are traveling around the USA for a year while she is home-schooling the girls.  How wonderful for them!

DINNER:  Chili and salad.  I jazzed up a can of chili by adding some sauteed onions, mushrooms, and leftover grilled steak bits.  Perfectly ripe tomato from the farmers’ market made the salad special. 

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