Cold and Nearby Snow!

LOCATION:  Irwin, Idaho – near Jackson, Wyoming
CAMPGROUND:  3rd night at Covered Wagon Saloon and RV Park
WEATHER:  Cold, dreary, and rainy.  High 55.  Low 29

We have been spoiled with beautiful weather almost this entire trip.  Today was the first really dreary day we have had..  It was quite cloudy and rained on and off all day.  Freezing in the AM!  It stayed in the 40s and 50s most of the day. 

So, it was a good day for another road trip.  We did another circle, this time to the south.  Our first destination was to check out one of the Harvest Host sites we have scheduled around this area next week.  The info online said it was tricky to locate, so I thought we would do some reconnaissance without the trailer.  Glad we did.  We had to drive by the ranch several times before we found it.

Next up was a historic highway, part of the Oregon Trail.  We passed through a lot of land that is used for open ranges.  Instead of the “Watch for Stock on Road” sign, the sign said “Expect Stock on Road”.  This is all we encountered…

We stopped at a historical marker with an old 1892 general store building still standing for a picnic lunch.  It was so cool and rainy that we ate in the truck.

Then, on to Soda Springs.  In its heydey it bottled the world’s best naturally-carbonated water.  Now it still has a little geyser, kind of a Yellowstone miniature…

We zigzagged between Idaho and Wyoming for the trip.  In Wyoming, we passed through the Caribou National Forest.  No caribou, or any other live wildlife was to be seen, though.

One tourist town we passed through had signs up “Closed for the winter” and “See you next summer” signs.  Amazing because the RV parks are still crowded.

When we stopped for gas, I overheard the clerk telling people they could not get over the Teton Pass as it was snowing up there!  We are headed that way next week…..maybe.

DINNER:  Even though it wasn’t too pleasant, good ole’ George grilled some chicken breasts for me on the propane grill.  I served them with a baked potato (afterall we ARE in Idaho!) and some broccoli in a cheese sauce. 

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