A beautiful Sunday drive under the Tetons

LOCATION:  Irwin, Idaho – not far from Jackson, WY
CAMPGROUND:  2nd night at Covered Wagon Saloon and RV Park
WEATHER:  Very pleasant.  Chilly in the AM (45), warming to 75

Since our RV park is pretty dumpy, we decided to spend the entire day on a long day trip.  We made a giant 200-mile circle drive.  It was fantastic. 

First we drove on the Teton Scenic Highway passing through cute little mountain towns.  We drove through the Targhee National Forest.  The Douglas Fir trees are huge and dark green.  It is fortunate here that there have been no fires or beetle damage on the trees.  We will go to the Teton National Park on the Wyoming side next week.

We stopped along the way at a scenic viewpoint and had a little picnic lunch.  Onward to the Mesa Falls Scenic Highway.

We got a spectacular view from the lower falls viewing point…

Then, a mile or so up the road, we stopped at the higher falls viewing point and took a nice hike along the waterfalls.

Idaho’s COVID rules must be county-to-county.  At this waterfalls area, there were signs requiring masks both inside and outside (whereas there seem to be no rules at the RV park where we are).

Our route today included about 20 miles of gravel on a historic Nez Pearce Battlefield highway, not the best part of the drive.  Then, back to hard top, we stopped at an amazing place in the middle of  75 square miles of sand dunes,

An RV park, specifically for ATV afficionados, was conveniently located next to the dunes.  We couldn’t believe all their “toys” and gigantic toy haulers.

On the loop home, we stopped in a cute, tourist town nestled in the valley under the Tetons to check out one of their breweries.  George got the last of their stout, so it was free! A popular attraction in this town is their drive-in theatre…

We arrived back about 6:00, and sat outside watching the sun set.  Perfect!

DINNER:  Leftover meatballs.  I made a sauce with onion, garlic, charred green bell peppers, and canned roasted red peppers.  I baked some ciabatta bread (the Take N Bake kind), and served a lettuce/tomato/cucumber salad.  When we were at the Pocatello farmers’ market the other day, one vendor gave us some Armenian cucumbers and round, lemony ones to try. Both very tasty.

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