An Idaho saloon experience

LOCATION:  Irwin, Idaho – in far southeastern part of state
CAMPGROUND:  Covered Wagon Saloon and RV Park.  Full hook-ups.  No picnic table or firepit.  No TV service or internet.  Toilets in saloon.  $45/night.  1 star out of 5
WEATHER:  Very pleasant.  High 85. 
DRIVE:  3 hours

Joy did just fine in the Museum of Clean parking lot.  There wasn’t much street noise, and we were very comfortable. 

We walked back to the historic district of Pocatello and found their Saturday farmers’ market.  We bought some local peaches, plums, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce.  As it is nearing the end of the season, they are practically giving away zucchini and other veg.

Then, on the road again.  We took the back roads and drove through several Indian reservations.  We saw a LOT of hay, wheat, barley, and potato fields.  Yes!  We are in Idaho!

Someone had recommended this RV park and said it was a real “experience”.  You can give it that!  The  bar/saloon serves as the RV park office.  I went in and could not see a thing… was dark (in the middle of the day) and filled with cigarette smoke.  I could hardly breathe.  The place is pretty junky with about 90% of the RVs either seasonal or permanent.  

After some issues with the water, we got hooked up and went to pay.  They only take cash, (seems a bit sketchy), and their ATM  wasn’t working.  The owner/manager is very casual and said to pay when we found a working ATM. 

We will be here 3 nights, and decided to spend most of our time doing day trips around the beautiful, mountainous area.  Today, we drove to a big dam near here. 

We actually will be returning to this area after a Harvest Host night in western Wyoming.  We will be staying on the other side of this reservoir, so we checked out the campground.  It will be an adventure, too, as it is about 8 miles up, then down, the mountain on the  other side of the lake.

When we returned to the RV park, we showered.  There is only one shower and it also serves as the ladies’ restroom for the saloon.  Very strange, but we felt nice and clean afterwards.  They kindly placed an ashtray in the bathroom for customers.  If we need to use the bathroom or want to take a shower when the saloon is not open (in the AMs), we have to call the owner to open up the saloon!

Then, back to the saloon to use their wifi.  By this time, there was quite a rowdy crowd and every single person was puffing away.  The air is just blue with smoke.  The wifi didn’t work, and after about 15 minutes trying, I had such a headache from the smoke that we gave up and left.

To our surprise, an Airstream pulled up beside us in the evening.  Theirs is brand-new (2020) and this is their maiden trip. 

DINNER:  George grilled ribs on the propane grill.  We also had another patty-pan squash and some lion’s mane mushrooms we had bought at the farmers’ market.  I sauteed them in butter and white wine (per the vendor’s recommendation for cooking.) 

While this RV park is a dump, it is in a beautiful location.  We are in a valley surrounded by mountains.  We are not far from Yellowstone and the Tetons, so this is a popular area.  It was hard to find any camping availability, even several months ago when I booked.  We watched the sun set over the mountains….quite nice.

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