LOCATION:  Pocatello, Idaho
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host site — The Museum of Clean parking lot.  We are the only ones in the big parking lot.  We are next to a grassy area.  Very pleasant.  Free!  5 stars out of 5
WEATHER:  Cold (43) in AM, warming to hot (89)!
DRIVE:  3 hours, due south

We had coffee with the Shongs, then bade goodbye to Lonetree Campground (from this lone tree which gave it its name)….

On our way back to the highway we saw lots of wildlife – bison, longhorned cattle, a huge hawk, sandhill cranes, a bald eagle, elk, and pronghorn.  Wow!

We drove about 150 miles, all on Interstate 15.  Southern Montana/Northern Idaho is very desolate.  We almost ran out of gas again.  This time on my watch!  The exits did not offer any services.  We were using more gas than normal as we were gaining in elevation.  Whew!  We made it!

When we did find a gas station, we pulled in and realized we were surrounded by 3 cattle and horse trailers. There was a lot of noise and barn smells!

We found the Museum of Clean, our “campsite” tonight, and after getting parked and settled in, checked out the museum. 

We learned that it was created by a guy named Don Aslett who owned a very successful janitorial service.  He is obsessed with cleanliness.  The museum is huge – an old warehouse with 4 floors of cleaning history.  One floor is totally dedicated to the history of vacuum cleaners, going back to the 1800s…

Another floor is mostly educational, for children.  Lots of school groups visit the museum.

Another floor shows the history of various cleaning products and machines

Here is a photo of young Mr. Clean…

And, here he is all grown up!

The owner uses a lot of humor to get his point across about the importance of cleanliness.  Here is the owner, Big Don…

There is even an art gallery with art depicting cleaning, like a painting of a street scene in Italy with laundry on the lines.

Our last stop at the museum was the library where the 85-year-old owner was working.  He gave us one of his books (out of the 43 he has written), and autographed it. It is about de-cluttering.  I think we have that pretty much under control!

Three hours walking around the museum created quite a thirst, so we headed to the brewery, just around the corner. 

A very nice vibe.  Female brewer/owner.   We had a beer (dopplebock), then walked to the historic downtown.  There are quite a few shops and restaurants.  Home of Idaho State University, a lot of the shops cater to the students and alumni.

Then, back to the brewery for dinner.  We shared their Friday special – fish & chips.  The frosting on the cake was live music upstairs. 

We listened to a guitar singer for a bit, then walked a few steps back to Joy and called it a night. 

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