Moose Drool?

LOCATION:  Missoula, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Big Sky Brewery parking lot!  Through Harvest Hosts
WEATHER:  Cool in AM; Hot – 95 in PM
DRIVE:  2 miles

Full fresh water tank, empty grey and black water tanks, fully-charged battery, clean laundry, clean bodies, stocked refrigerator, well-supplied wine cellar (our shower), and full tank of gas….check, check, check – we are ready to leave the civilized world and go boon-docking for 6 nights! 

We couldn’t get a late check-out at the nice RV park where we have been staying, as the site is booked for tonight and they need to get it ready.  So, we left at 11:00 AM and went back to the US Forest Service outdoor museum just to hang out for awhile in the shade. 

The museum is near the airport, and we watched Forest Service water-bomber airplanes take off.

Then, we went back to Highlander Brewery where we had visited earlier in the week, as we had spotted a nice parking space for Joy.  We were able to sit by the creek and had a lovely lunch of veggie pizza and salad.  We sipped our beers v-e-r-y slowly to make them last. 

Then, on to Big Sky Brewery.  We are in the parking lot next to a huge ampitheater where they have concerts (in normal years).  There are 2 other Harvest Host RVs, besides us.  Since it was a hot afternoon, we hung out in the air-conditioned brewery, George watching golf on their TV and me doing computer stuff with their strong wifi.

DINNER:  We had planned to eat from the brewery’s food truck, but it wasn’t operating on a Sunday.  It was too hot to cook anything inside, and with Harvest Hosts, you are not supposed to grill outside.  So, George had a meatball sandwich and I had some cheese, baguette slices, and kalamata olives.  Not too shabby. 

It cooled down nicely and we sat outside enjoying the pleasant evening.  The skyline is getting hazier.  They say it is the smoke from California fires. 

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