Working hard….hiking and conquering Missoula’s 11 breweries!

LOCATION:  Missoula, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Jim and Mary’s RV Park
WEATHER:  Beautiful in the AM;  Hot in PM – up to 109!

We drove to the other side of Missoula to an area called Pattee Canyon for today’s hike.  It was a beautiful, clean forest.  The trail is categorized as “moderate” to which I would agree.  However, my guidebook said it was 2.9 miles, and it turned out to be a 6-mile loop! 

At several points, we thought we were lost.  When we started, the sunshine felt good; by the end we were seeking shade.  We finally found our car at 1:45, so we ended up with a late brewery lunch.  Number 8 on our list was Kettlehouse Brewery.  It did not serve food, so I went around the corner and bought some tacos from a food truck.   Kettlehouse is a bit of a dive.  They have their beer barrels lined up at the bar to prevent people from standing at the bar (due to Covid).  Locals poured in bringing their growlers for refills. 

We enjoyed watching and listening to the people who live in this hip part of town.

Then, we went around the block to brewery #9, Gild.  What a contrast!  It is quite swanky – a Parisian bistro feel, with their own beer.  George had a small stout for $2.50 and as designated driver, I had water.   A nice, inexpensive treat!

This area is proudly hip….and calls itself Hip Strip.

As we were taking that photo, this strange guy came along.  George, never shy, struck up a conversation with him….

DINNER:  Leftover meatballs.  I sauted onions and mushrooms, and added some wine to make a bit of a sauce.  I warmed the meatballs in that sauce.  Sides were slices of a baguette I bought today, when we happened upon a French bakery.  Yum!  Another side was salad…..made with cabbage, of course, since that head doesn’t seem to shrink in my refrigerator.

Speaking of my meatballs…..I am a member of Gourmet Camping Facebook group.  Today, my photo was selected as their featured photo.  I am happy!

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