A Day in Paradise – Literally and Figuratively!

LOCATION:  Missoula, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Jim and Mary’s RV Park
WEATHER:  Another hot one.  High 98

Since we knew it was going to be another sweltering day, we planned a day trip.  I had seen on the map an area called one of the most scenic drives in Montana.  So, off we went!

First we drove by the National Bison Range.  We had toured this before, so passed this time.  Our road followed the Flathead River.  Pretty desolate territory – looked perfect for a cowboy-Western movie film spot.  Speaking of that – the movie “A River Runs Through It” portrayed Missoula and was filmed here.  The TV show “Yellowstone” is being filmed in nearby Darby.  We had planned to go there, to a Harvest Host winery where we have visited before, but the owner is out of wine! 

Back to today…

At the junction of the Flathead River and the Clark Fork River is Paradise.  Yep- we arrived in Paradise!

Paradise was the start of the scenic highway, and scenic it is indeed.  It was built back in the 1930s by the CCC. Interesting. We stopped at a pull-out for a picnic lunch, right next to some rapids…

The scenic highway ended in St. Regis which is along I-90 so has a big travel center.  They advertised “the best huckleberry milkshake in Montana” so George had to get one.  As he sipped, he said he was indeed in Paradise.

From St. Regis, we took off on our own.  We continued past the dreaded “Pavement End” sign and drove on a washboard-bumpy road for about 10 miles.  Finally, it turned back to pavement.  It also offered very pretty scenery, following the Clark Fork River

We were able to get back to St. Regis (after about an hour on backroads) and took the scenic highway the other way, back to Paradise.  Paradise again! 

We really hit Paradise as we returned toward the edge of Missoula….#5 of our Missoula brewery to-do list.  This one was called the Old Bull.

I had an IPA; George had a good porter.  The beer server is named Alexis (like our daughter) and the brewer named a beer after her.  Must be a good employee!

DINNER:  Asian theme tonight.  I thawed some frozen pork steaks and chopped up the pork along with the cabbage (cabbage again), peas, onions, garlic, and ginger.  Served with soba.  Ooishi!

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