Sweet Sunday in Missoula

LOCATION:  Missoula, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Jim and Mary’s RV Park
WEATHER:  Cool all AM.  Warm, 85 for about an hour, then cool again.  Nice!

This was a bit of a slow day.  That’s what Sundays are for, right? 

We watched CBS Sunday Morning, about the only non-PBS show we watch any more.  This was accompanied by George’s Sunday breakfast special – grits, eggs, and bacon.  Yum!

We took a nice walk around the RV park, admiring the flowers.  One sad off-shoot of Covid-19 is camper interaction.  Before the virus, campers would congregate, get to know each other, share travel stories, and even check out each other’s RVs.  Now, people keep their distance.  Many stay inside their RVs, not even venturing out to eat at the picnic table.  Sad….

Lunch was another brewpub.  Tamarack Brewing Company checks off #3 of the 11 breweries we are challenged with here in Missoula. 

We shared a fish taco, and tried two different IPAs.  Since I was driving, George had their stout, too.  He said it was about the best one he has ever had.  (Too often they are too sweet).

Back at the RV park, I spent most of the afternoon with maps trying to finalize our next two weeks on the road.  So many places are all booked up, especially around the Tetons, where we plan to go.  And…they are very expensive – $100 or more.  So far, I have snagged a few Harvest Host sites, two commercial parks (one with a saloon!), and one national forest service park. 

George made us a new drink….We had “scored” at the farmers’ market yesterday, finding fresh huckleberries.  He mulled the berries with mint and lime,  then added gin and just a bit of tonic.  They were very tasty!

DINNER:  BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, and arugula/heirloom tomato salad. 

To the reader who asked about last night’s meatballs…..The meatballs simmer in the sauce, absorbing the tomato sauce while the meat/parmesan/herb flavors flow back into the sauce.  After you cook the meatballs for about 35 minutes, most of the sauce has been absorbed into the meatballs, leaving just a little, thick/rich sauce.  I will do that recipe again!

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