Almost to the Forbidden Land …..Canada, that is…

LOCATION:  North of Eureka, Montana – about 3 miles from British Columbia border
CAMPGROUND:  Another Harvest Host site – Indian Springs Golf Club.  Spacious, level parking lot.  Beautiful scenery.  Nice bathroom on the nearby 10th tee!  5 stars out of 5.
DRIVE:  1.5 hours

This morning, we were awakened gently by the mowers and sprinklers on the golf course in Libby.  Very nice.  I made some breakfast for us…

We opened our door and enjoyed this view of the golf course.

We bought a breakfast sandwich from the golf course’s grill as a tiny way to support them, since our stay was free.  I took a walk around the small golf course community while George did his AM exercises.

Kootenai Falls outside of Libby was a must-see.  It was a  beautiful hike, rewarded by stunning views of the wild waterfalls.

We crossed the swinging bridge (and it DID swing) and observed the falls from the other side.

Passing  back through Libby,  we stopped at the Cabinet Mountain Brewery for a quick one.

The drive today is one of the most beautiful scenic highways in all of the USA.  It follows the Kootenai River which becomes Lake Kookanusa  (a name combining the words Kootenai, Canada, and USA –  as the Kootenai Rver flows in both countries).   A boat ramp/picnic area was our scenic lunch spot.

We easily found our golf course Harvest Host site.  A nice young caddie hopped on his golf cart and showed us where to park Joy.  This is another beautiful golf course.  We walked around the course, admiring the new homes and the lush greens. The un-irrigated brown fairways contrast with the dark green greens.  You can see Joy below….

We moseyed over to the golf course’s outdoor bar & grill and had a sandwich for dinner on their patio.  We watched golfers and guys practicing on the driving range.  The mountains make a great backdrop.  We can only get Canada cell service here – we are that close!

BOOK:  “Home to Italy” bu Peter Pezzelli.  A bit sappy, but I enjoyed it as it takes place in Abruzzo, where we did 2 terrific housesitting assignments.  Very light and easy reading.   4 stars out of 5.

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