Winding down in Columbia Falls..

LOCATION:  Columbia Falls, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Mountain View RV Park
WEATHER:  Cool!  Low in the 40s in the AM.  High 70

We woke up to a very cool morning!  I didn’t even argue when George turned on the space heater!

We checked out the Kalispell Saturday Farmers’ Market, located on their community college campus.  With such a large space, vendors could spread out easily. 

The vendor doing the most business was the lady making face masks.  All sizes and patterns –  $10 each! 

We bought some veg and cheese.  George bought a breakfast sandwich to munch on…

Our days in Columbia Falls are winding down….We have tried out almost all the breweries here, so it is time to move on!  Today’s brewpub was Sacred Waters where I had an IPA and George had a stout.  We shared a New Orleans-style mufalletta that was gigantic!  Lots of leftovers!

Back at the RV park, we continued our preparation for 4 upcoming boondocking days.  George filled the propane tank – last filled in summer, 2019!   He flushed out and refilled our fresh water tank.  Right before we leave tomorrow, we will emtpy out the grey and black water tanks.  (ugh)

And, time to get our bodies nice and clean to survive 4 days of no showering.  This RV park has beautiful private bathrooms with showers.  They even provide bath mats to protect your feet as you  exit the showers…

DINNER:  I had picked up some good-looking eggplant and feta cheese at the market, so changed my dinner plans to feature them.  I used an Italian-styled “grilled eggplant tartine” recipe but changed it up to be more Middle-Eastern.  First, George grilled the eggplant slices after I basted them with olive oil, salt and pepper. Then, I slit some freshly-baked ciabatta bread and George grilled the slices.  Then, I assembled the tartine:  bread, eggplant slices, feta slices, tomato slices, oregano, and chile peppers.  Side was a big arugula salad with more farmers’ market purchases of pretty radishes and tomatoes. 

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