Perfect hiking weather!

LOCATION:  Columbia Falls, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Mountain View RV Park
WEATHER:  Cool!  High 75. 

This is my kind of weather!  When we set off on our morning hike, it was still 59.  Brisk!  As the day wore on, we did shed some layers. 

The trail was not far from Whitefish Lake.  We passed beautiful houses nestled into the woods that overlook the lake.  Most of them have driveways that look impossible to negotiate.

Today’s hike was a bit different – very woodsy.  We hiked through beautiful firs and pine trees.  The smell is heavenly.

We had the trail mostly to ourselves, and the only sounds were the rustling tree leaves.  Just lovely. 

We didn’t even see any signs of bears – other than this warning at the trailhead…

After hiking about 2 miles, we encountered this sign saying we could go no farther….Due to a spring blowdown, the path was full of big trees. 

It was a loop trail, meaning that we did not have to retrace our steps.  Again we were rewarded with a view – this time over Swift Creek.

The 4-mile hike worked up our appetites, and we headed to a brewpub that we had previously spotted.

Their specialty is grilled meat and the smells coming from their outdoor patio grill were enticing.  We shared a cheeseburger with jalapenos, and had some of their IPAs – one hazy and one red, sitting out in their nice garden area. 

On our way home, we stopped at Whitefish’s annual Huckleberry Days art fair.  The vendors/artists had beautiful items, but when you are traveling like we do, there is just no temptation to buy things.

Back at the RV park, I did some laundry, taking advantage of this park’s amenities.  Once we leave here, we will be boondocking (no services) for 4 nights, so we need to prepare ourselves.

DINNER:  Viva Mexico!  – Chicken Chimichangas.   I have prepared this recipe before and readers asked for the recipe.  It is quick and easy.  I used some of the rotisserie chicken I had boned and frozen.  You can also substitute hamburger or fajita meat.  In case you missed it the first time, here is the recipe (that I “borrowed” from someone online)

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