A glorious day on the slopes!

LOCATION:  Columbia Falls, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Mountain View RV Park
WEATHER:  Still pretty toasty.  We and  the Montantans are complaining.  🙂   High 93

What a glorious day!

We drove up to Whitefish Mountain Resort, a ski “village” with lots and lots of ski slopes.  Beautiful mountain-look condos. 

We took two different ski lifts to get up to the summit.  The views were amazing.  In the summer, the ski slopes are used for hiking and mountain biking.  There were a lot bikers.  The ski lift is set up to haul the bikes up, and then the bikers whizz DOWN the mountain trails. Here is a lift just for bikes

Once we were at the summit, our plan was to take a hike.  The hikes were categorized as follows:  Difficult, More Difficult, Very Difficult, and Most Difficult.  Here I am taking just a few steps on the one marked Very Difficult. The “Uphill” sign was very helpful….haha!

We decided to just stroll around the ski lodge and admired the beautiful wild flowers.

Here is a map of the many ski slopes.  The photos look like a winter wonderland.

We took the gondola up – looks like this…

And, we took the chair lift back down.  Lots of breathtaking views. 

I always get a little knot in the pit of my stomach when I am on these lifts.

In the resort’s village, we found a nice outdoor cafe and enjoyed a beer and shared a “bento” for a late lunch.

In the late afternoon, we went into the town of Whitefish for the weekly farmers’ market.  It was really busy with food trucks and vendors

I bought some Montana Flathead cherries, some local cheese, oyster mushrooms,  onions, and arugula.

Then, we stumbled upon a distillery right next to the market.  We stopped in and wow!  I think I had the best cocktail I have ever had.  It was a “picante margarita” made with lime, chile simple syrup, and the distillery’s agave.  Citrus-y and spicy.  Yum!  But – how am I supposed to drink it with a mask on???!!!

DINNER:  Restaurant leftovers redux.   I can’t believe how large restaurant portions are!  We shared the leftovers from the rib platter that we had shared – so a total of 4 servings intended for a meal designed for one big American.  (No wonder so many people are so fat!)  Side was the leftover bowl that we had already shared, too.  Again – 4 meals out of 1.  I turned it in to a salad – so it was rice, beans, jalapenos, carrots, cilantro leaves, and cabbage – this time mixed up with some lettuce. 

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