A day of domesticity…

LOCATION:  Three Forks, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Camp Three Forks
WEATHER:  Hot during the day – 92, but delightfully cool in the morning and overnight

Readers — If you did not see any photos in yesterday’s post, please try it again.  I had weak wifi when I first published.  The photos are there now.  Sorry about that!

OK – Life on the road is not all fun and games….well, mostly it is, but sometimes domestic chores just have to be completed.  So today we stayed around the RV park and worked on Joy and the truck.

Knowing that it was going to be hot mid-day, I walked to this popular bakery/deli to get my daily exercise in the early morning.  I had to walk along a highway which was not too fun or interesting.  I did encounter 3 rattlesnake skins, a bloated dead deer, lots of broken glass, and a ton of grasshoppers. 

This place brings in people from all over.  I bought  a feta/spinach croissant for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Now for domesticity….

1.  Laundry – this RV park has a nice laundry room, so I wanted to take advantage of that.  We now have a closet full of clean clothes…what a great feeling!
2.  Rug cleaning.  The laundry room has a big laundry sink, so I hand-washed our throw rug and hung it out to dry.  Much brighter!
3. Defrost the freezer — not a fun chore, but afterwards, so much more food fits in it!
4. Grocery shopping – with a now larger freezer, we went to the local grocery and bought a lot of refrigerated goods.  I like to support local stores instead of the big chain stores.  We are well-supplied for the next week.
5. Homemade chicken broth – I bought a rotisserie chicken at the grocery and cut it up for 4 future meals.  One package is the bony meat – legs and wings – that we will crisp up  on a grill one night.  The other packages are boneless chicken that I will use in future recipes.  Then, with all the bones and skin, I made chicken broth and froze about 4 containers, all for future recipes.

While I was doing all of that, George dumped our gray and black water, in preparation for our departure tomorrow.  He also worked on the lug nuts.  I have no idea in the world what a lug nut is. 

This RV park has a beautiful gazebo/patio with a big, brand-new gas grill.  George cooked up a package of bacon and some weiners that had thawed in my defrosting project.  We like to keep a container of cooked bacon on hand for recipes and breakfasts. 

Then, time to party!  Tonight is our last night in Three Forks, so we went back to the historic Sacajawea Hotel for a special dinner. 

The lobby is just gorgeous.  They have done an excellent job in retaining its historic look and feel.

As we passed by the patio, I saw someone who looked  familiar.  I finally got up enough courage to approach him, and indeed it was someone I had known when we lived in Rochester, and I was active in our Rotary Club.  Small world!

We had a delicious, fine-dining meal. The meal started with a French baguette with tapanade, garlicky olive oil, and baba ghanoush spreads.  George had smoked trout that came with freekeh,  a smoked Middle Eastern grain.  For my entree, I ordered their house salad that came with smoked trout, crunchy corn kernels, and marinated smoked tomatoes.  Very unusual and delicious.  We paired this all with a bottle of French Pinot Noir.  Quite a splurge, but well worth it.

Back home, we finished off the wine, sitting in the candlelight of a candle that I bought at the hotel’s gift shop.  Very romantic!!!

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