Rugged and hip Montana

LOCATION:  Three Forks, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Camp Three Forks
WEATHER:  Beautiful.  High 78. 

What a fun day we had today!  We drove near Bozeman, about 25 miles away, then out to the mountains.  Wow – the geography changed quickly and we watched the thermometer in the truck showing the temp dropping from 75 to 65.  We drove through part of the Gallatin National Forest, with beautiful pine trees, lakes, and rivers.

The road got worse and worse.  We were surprised to see some RVs, including 2 Airstreams, camping in primitive national forest campgrounds.  After passing the campgrounds, we encountered the dreaded “Pavement Ends” sign.  Much of the road was one lane.  When another car approached, one of us would have to stop and let the other by.  Of course, there was no shoulder, and there were steep drop-offs on either side.  Did I mention who was driving!!???

We finally got to our destination – a hiking trail with a waterfall.  The air smelled like pine and spruce – just lovely.  The hike was good and the falls did not disappoint.  We got a good work-out at 7000 feet elevation.

On the way back out, George wanted a photo of the Gallatin River.  He climbed over the protective railing to get a better shot.  I was so afraid he would topple over. 

We arrived back in Bozeman, a really hip town, for a late lunch.  We were hungry and thirsty.  George looked for a brewery on his phone.  Up popped 10 choices!  We found one near Montana State University.  Good beers.  We had a bison pepperoni pizza. 

Back at the RV park, we rested.  A lot of the big rigs have left, so it is more comfortable.  The huge motor homes seem to box  you in. 

DINNER:  Someone posted a recipe for zucchini on Facebook which I thought I would try as I had a big zucchini to use up.  The recipe is simple:  Slice the zucchini long-ways and place on a cookie sheet.  Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with pepper.  Let sit for a bit.  Sprinkle breadcrumbs and a bunch of Parmesan on top, and finish with another olive oil drizzle.  Bake about 30 minutes at 375.  Normally I don’t use the oven in the Airstream as it heats things up, but since it is cooler today, it was ok.  While that was cooking, I made a spaghetti meat sauce with some leftover tomato sauce, mushrooms, green onions, and leftover grilled hamburger meat.  Side was cheesy grits – grits left from last Sunday”s breakfast with a lot of parmesan and cheddar cheese added.  Can’t go wrong! 

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