Checking out Three Forks

LOCATION:  Three Forks, Montana
CAMPGROUND:  Camp Three Forks
WEATHER:  Hot – 95.  Sunny.  Cool (almost cold!) in the AM.  George turned the space heater on!!!  Divorce proceedings are imminent.

Three Forks, where we will be staying for the next few days, is where the Jefferson, Gallatin, and Madison Rivers join, to create the Missouri River.  We stayed here last year for a few days, and found it a nice, central location for day trips.

We took a drive to the Madison Buffalo Jump State Park. 

These buffalo jumps were used by the Indians to kill buffalo for their hides and meat.  They rounded them up on the top of a bluff, like this one.  Then, they scared them into running crazily toward the edge of the bluff.  They ran so fast that they could not stop, and fell to their deaths. 

We could have taken a hike up to the top of the bluff, but I just had on flip-flops and it was HOT!   Next time….

To cool off, we went into town and had a drink at the Sacajawea Hotel bar.  It is very high-end, kind of strange out here in the middle of nowhere.

Then, more cooling off by wading  in the Madison River.  Very clear.  The fishing here is supposed to be the best in the state  (although every region seems to say that)!

DINNER:  Smoked trout (no, George did not catch it) that we had bought at a farmers’ market.  It was delicious.  I just warmed it up, and served with onions and peppers.  Sides were salad and rice.  Paired with the last of the white wine we bought at the last Harvest Host winery.

BOOK:. “The Moores are Missing” and 2 other short novels by James Patterson.  A book I picked up at a campground library to read between regular library books.  Typical Patterson.  3 stars out of 5

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